DDO instructions

  1. Step 1: Submit Applications
    1. Login with the user ID of employee or pensioner in their presene.
    2. Submit the applications on behalf of computer illiterate employees/pensioners. Get the data entry done in presence of the employee. All needed documents will be uploaded.
  2. Step 2: Approve Applications
    1. Login with DDO user id and password. Password will be provided to you by your HOD.
    2. Verify the submitted application and compare with Aadhar data of each member, as well as the Service Register of the employee.
    3. If there are minor errors, make corrections.
    4. If there are major errors, reject the application with reasons.
    5. Approve the application after through scrutiny. Note that you are responsible for any unauthorised persons being enrolled as employees or pensioners.
    6. The Sub-Treasury Officer (STO)/Assistant Pension Payment Officer(APPO)will act as the DDO for all pensioners. Necessary validations shall be done by the STO/APPO concerned in the IT portal.
  3. Step 3: Provide Posts Data (before enrolment begins)
    1. List out all the categories of posts that exist in your office along with the number sanctioned.
    2. Provide the Table 5 information at to your District Head (see annexure 2).